Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anna's update Jan-March 09

it's already march 09!!

hey hey, well it's certainly been a while! i can't believe it's already march!

i've had a really nice time living back in australia, hanging out with family and friends and singing in front of such familiar faces. There's been some fun things going on, like being invited to sing at Damien Rossi's Oscar's Party held on the Gold Coast, modelling evening wear in the Sunday Mail, and on a sadder note but full of hope...I was asked to perform at last Wednesday's Bushfire and Floods Appeal called "Fashion and Arts Unite" at the City Hall in Brisbane. Gus Macgregor and I wrote a song specifically for the evening via the internet since he lives in Switzerland, which has just been posted on my youtube page - "Fashion and Arts Unite 09". It was an amazing evening that bought together over 120 people who donated their time, work and effort for the successful evening that raised over $32,000. The song is called "Dust Gets In My Eyes" and it was quite an emotional song to sing given the circumstances. The lyrics are on the website should you wish to read them (anna.com.au).

i'm very happy to say that my new project is coming along just nicely. I am in the middle of sorting the arrangements of the songs and working with a fabulous arranger in Los Angeles. The demo's are sounding great and i CANNOT WAIT to fill everyone in on it exactly....but not just yet. I am LOVING the orchestral side of things, that's all i'll say right now....i think alot of you will love it even though it's a style that may not be on your ipod yet. i hope to change that.

i appeared on a chat-show called 360 last December that will be posted on youtube once the footage is editted down to bit and pieces...it was fun. so the moral of THIS story, is to keep checking out the youtube page out: aml youtube link

oh i MUST tell you about a friend of mine who has just released his piano CD....but don't think for a SECOND that it's some boring piano instrumentals...have faith in me when I say, this guy is phenomenal....in fact, go to his website and watch the clip of him playing "Children" by Robert Miles...and then tell me what you think No exaggeration....Mark Watson is amazing. I've worked with him for years and years and apart from being one of my bestest friends, he is super talented....I have a few of those friends as you know. ;) It's strange when you see them on stage doing their thing and then you think "oh yeah, we're friends as well and look at you GOOOOOO!!!!". Check him out at Mark Watson website

apart from the sensational version of "Children" that he does....PROMISE ME you'll listen to: 2) Cadenza and 3) Olympiad. These originals are unbelievable! They have a dance track going on under them and a super melody that you'll be humming along to. They need and deserve to be played LOUD! you can purchase the CD from his site as i did.

ummmmm, i can't think of all the other things...so i better go, cause at the moment i'm snowed under with sending music back and forth to roger....gotta LOVE the internet!!

take care and i think i've left you with a few things to check out....hope you like the Bushfire and Flood Appeal song.